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We aim to design, promote and present high quality visual art, workshops, commissions and exhibitions for cross cultural community engagement, to encourage positive messages and change perceptions.

L&E produces work to a high standard and has developed a successful portfolio of projects through which we educate and inspire diverse communities in art and culture.

Over the centuries one of the most popular and effective language of discourse and engagement has been art and craft. Through traditional techniques applied in architecture and design, calligraphy, handcraft, music, and textiles to more modern techniques found in digital media, print and street art; many societies have expressed a simple message of Love & Etiquette.


  • Deliver creative engagement through visual art, handcraft, digital, performance, workshops, events, installations and commissions
  • Promoting citizenship, cohesion and integration
  • To make a difference to places, lives and communities
  • Change how people and communities are perceived
  • Give artists a creative platform to demonstrate their ability and connect with local communities to improve local and regional aspirations
  • Provide opportunities for participants to learn and develop their creative skills

To get involved visit our facebook, twitter links or simply call us to find out more.


Love and Etiquette has worked extensively with diverse communities and artists who share ideas and creativity enabling us to produce great visual art, workshops, events, installations and commissions.

We have successfully promoted art and culture projects through museums, galleries, schools, colleges, public and private spaces.

If you are interested in creating and supporting art and culture projects that make a difference please contact us.


  • Fire of Love, 4-5 October
    A very special performance has been arranged to remember the immense contribution of Amir Khusro, his poetry, spiritual message and music.
    read more
  • Rumi & Rabia, 11-14 October
    Performance poetry and music by Latif Bolat
    read more
  • For more information please contact admin@loveetiquette.com

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"Don't Worry Be Happy"
Meher Baba


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