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The L&E Foundation is a Lancashire based initiative which endeavours to make a difference to places, lives and communities through Art, History and Culture offering an alternative perspective on how we view people and their heritage. Through workshops, exhibitions and educational programmes, L&E promotes awareness by bridging the gap of understanding which is so often found in communities.

By giving our creative practitioners a platform to demonstrate their ability we connect them with local communities to improve individual, local and regional aspirations.

Our growing network of contacts, artists and speakers gives participants the opportunity to learn, develop and grow into positive role models.

With a varied annual programme of creative events we aim to inspire and interest the wider community through bespoke projects.

Our growing and diverse list of practitioners include Calligraphy Artists, Designers, Graffiti Artists, Hand Craftspeople, Musicians, Poets, Dancers, Theatrical Performers, Motivational Speakers and more.


L&E is delighted to have worked with local, regional and national partners. We thank them for their continued support and giving the Foundation a fantastic opportunity to work with people of all backgrounds.


  • Provide art and culture based activities/events for diverse communities
  • Share talent and ideas with the local arts community
  • Develop artistic talent from diverse communities
  • Challenge stereotypes and cultural barriers to engage in the arts
  • Improve cross cultural dialogue, interaction and alternative career opportunities in the arts
  • Offer established and new artists the platform to learn and develop
  • Represent and raise the profiles of artistic talent from across the region, UK and overseas
  • Educate and inspire others through workshops, lectures, and exhibitions
  • Act as a reference point initiating partnerships between artists and communities
  • Work with local and national organisations to deliver creative projects
  • Provide access for people of all ages, backgrounds and professions to learn
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